The Garden of Joy

Established by Colescott Rubin and Hunter Burgamy in the summer of 2018 as a collective of friends from across the globe enamored of the thing we call swing! They spent that summer honing their sound playing for strolling tourists in the Boston Common, performing for Boston Comic Con, Club Passim, and the South Weymouth Summer Series.

The Garden of Joy exists as a collaborative effort of spreading the highest quality swing music whilst maintaining authenticity. It can function as anything from a duo (Colescott and Hunter) to a 10 piece music revue; it serves as a backing band for featured artists or stands on its own. It strives to feature the best of swing and New Orleans derived music, from the early bands of Louis Armstrong, to the gypsy and French inspired acts such as Django Reinhardt and Sidney Betchet, Chicago style, and the blues, soul, and funk styles of New Orleans in the 50's and 60's. 

Garden of Joy opening for and backing up Catherine Russell at the 2018 Beantown Jazz Festival!

Piron’s Garden of Joy

The Garden of Joy name derives from the early 20th century New Orleans bandleader, publisher, and violinist Armand J. Piron. In 1927, Piron re-opened the rooftop venue of the Pythian Temple in the Central Business District of New Orleans, the Garden of Joy. As the Pythian was the most majestic and revered black-owned socio-cultural hub, with Piron at the helm the Garden of Joy quickly became an important musical and social center, with regular dances and social events featuring the greatest musicians of its time, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Betchet amongst them!


The Garden of Joy Allstars’ performance at the Bebop in Boston, MA on 11/10/18

The Garden of Joy Allstars are the predominant group of the collective. A six-piece steeped in traditional New Orleans and Chicago Jazz styles, the Allstars include:

Hunter Burgamy of New Orleans, land of dreams, on Guitar, Banjo, and occasional Vocals

Colescott Rubin of Portland, Oregon, on Upright Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, The Mouth, and general antics

Steve Montecucco also of Portland, Oregon, on Trumpet

Stephan Tenney, of Charleston, SC, on Trombone, Keys, occasional Vocals

Cameron McIntyre of Melbourne, Australia, on Clarinet, occasional Vocals

and a rotating cast of featured friends now and again.